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5 Eye-Opening Stats on How Referrals Truly Work

We all think we have a handle on how real estate referrals function, but the following stats are still eye popping. #151910629 / Everyone and their uncle knows that referrals for the bedrock of any flourishing real estate

The 7 Important Things to Know about Residential Construction

The Census Bureau’s new data on residential construction is out, but as always, we’re here to report on what lies between the lines. #482869355 / Housing starts in the month of May reached a seasonally adjusted annual rate

In Real Estate, It’s Not Only What You Know, But Who You Know

Remember when all available inventory was listed on the MLS, when sellers and buyers shook hands at the closing table, and buying and selling homes was a relatively straightforward proposition? Me, neither. Today’s real estate landscape is more complex

The 3 Things that Could Hold Housing Back in 2014

The housing market has made considerable strides in the last few years, but what could hold it back from a true recovery? #173807241 / There are many uncertainties in this world, but here’s something we can be fairly

Regulators Close to Chucking 20% Downpayment Requirement

The 20 percent downpayment in the Dodd-Frank bill proved quite controversial, but it’s looking like it will not become a reality. #112781338 / A newly announced compromise between the SEC and federal regulators will likely result in the

The 3 Things You Should Know About Student Loan Debt

Student debt is back in the news this week; as real estate agents, what details should you know? #107831987 / Thanks to President Obama, the student debt crisis is back in the news, and once again, the numbers

The 3 Reasons that Housing May Not Be as Affordable as it Looks

We’re often told about how affordable housing is, but there is a world inside of the world of housing affordability. #475106427 / Housing, we often read, is currently in a promised land of affordability. Though not quite the ideal

The Inconvenient Truth About Housing – in Two Charts

The most recent existing-home sales report indicated that housing may have turned a corner, but structural issues persist. #142483561 / Covering the housing market nowadays is a strange experience. On one hand, you have the clear monthly reports

What Product(s) Should You Market Listings With?

#142069332 / When it comes to the Big Three syndication sites, what respective products should you use for your business? Click on the image below to see our chart, which breaks down what each website offers, along with Takes First Steps Toward Connecting Agents with Clients Online

In the wake of its failed AgentMatch program, kept its Dec. 2013 promise to develop online tools to help connect agents with prospective clients. The first step? Updating its agent profiles, according to a recent report by Inman

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