Current Market Data

Pending Home Sales Slow a Tad in August

The decline was not substantial, but pending contracts definitely slowed down in August. Pending home sales fell 1.0 percent in from July to August, and are down 2.2 percent from where they were in 2013. Those were the main

4 Essential Facts About Today’s Mortgage Markets

There has been undeniable progress in the mortgage markets, but the effects of the recession still linger. Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve released a bevy of mortgage data from 2013, and it came with a screaming good headline

Ballooning Prices Help Homeowners Regain Equity

American homeowners are finding that rising home prices are helping them reclaim some of the equity lost during the housing crisis, CoreLogic reports. The value of homes, since the bursting of the housing bubble in 2007, have been struggling

Real Estate’s Uneven Recovery Continues in August

The recovery in housing is still heavily concentrated in higher price points, according to new NAR research. On the surface, it seems like just another report on housing – earlier this week, the National Association of Realtors reported that existing-home

New Home Sales Rocket 33% in August – Why You Should be Skeptical

New home sales rocketed to the moon in August, but such data should be taken with a grain of salt. Here’s some glorious news to brighten up your day – according to new Census Bureau numbers, the sales of

414,000 Home Sales Lost in 2014 to Student Debt

Some analysts have argued that the impact of student loans is overblown, but new research comes to a different conclusion. In the last 11 years, student debt in the U.S. has skyrocketed from $241 billion to $1.1 trillion, making

NAR: Investors Clear the Way for First-Time Buyers

NAR’s August existing-home sales report reveals declines – the good kind. The second quarter of 2014 saw consecutive months of gains, and it looked like that trend was continuing into the third quarter. However, due to a increasing lack

Why Single-Family Home Construction May Still Be Too High

We keep hearing how depressed single-family construction is and that we need more new homes, but is that really the case? In 2013, there were 618,000 single-family housing starts, and we’re currently operating at a rate of roughly 622,000

3 Reasons Why Tight Lending Standards are Not the Problem with Housing

Tight lending is blamed constantly for housing’s slow recovery, but there’s actually much more to the narrative than meets the eye. Last week, we reported on an unorthodox idea that is brewing in some housing circles – that in

3 Signs that Millennials are Not Yet Ready to Save Housing

Everyone keeps waiting for Millennials to jump into the housing market and save the day, but new data shows we should not hold our breath. It’s the big question on many an agent’s mind – when will Millennials take

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