Which Boston neighborhoods are the noisiest?

by Timothy Inklebarger

Freeways, stadium, hospitals – they’re amenities that we love when we need them, but they also break the sweet serenity of home sweet home.

Zillow recently released a report breaking down the noise pollution experienced at the local level.

The report noted that the majority of noisy neighborhoods are in small or mid-sized metropolitan areas. “The top noisy neighborhoods are in Milwaukee, Rochester, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Laredo – a far cry from bustling mega metros like New York City and Los Angeles. Still, large metros do have noise,” the report stated.

So how do local neighborhoods stack up when it comes to the sound of silence?

Overall, Boston ranked No. 30 on the list of 1,000 cities, registering an average decibel level of 42.7.

That’s compared to the noisiest metro area: Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida, which came it at 45.69 decibels. The quietest of all 1,000 cities was Rock Springs, Wyoming with an average decibel level of 25.79, according to Zillow.

The noisiest neighborhoods in the Boston area are the South End, 55.8; both Chinatown and the Leather District, 55.7; Government Center, 55.6; and Downtown Crossing, 55.5.

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